Preacher Episode 1.02: First Impressions

Episode 1’s first impressions blog post worked out pretty well, so trying it again. Adding “Random Thoughts” to the list as well (some defintely taken from my live twitter feed, #rjschwabe)

What I liked a lot

The Introduction of the Saint
The Saint of the Killers has to be handled delicately or else it’s going to seem like a farce. Good introduction. I had no idea, the show was introducing him this soon.”
The Baptism scene
I loved the camera angle on Jesse Custer’s face looking at the camera saying “Who is your savior?”
Cassidy meets Arseface
I really liked the first meeting between Cassidy and Eugene. It was pretty funny.
Violence begats violence
Despite it being an episode of vampires pulling veins out of necks and guys attacking with chainsaws. There is a real sense of the violence begats violence that Jesse spoke of in the pilot episode. Jesse beats up on Donnie in the bar, and then Donnie takes it out on co-worker Clive by breaking his nose for no reason, and then Clive presumably takes it out on the hooker Lacey. It’s a powerful message between the rest.
Blossoming bromance of Jesse and Cassidy
We see the start of the bromance between Jesse and Cassidy in this episode. Jesse too easily falls victim to Cassidy’s devil on your shoulder, making you give into what you already thought about giving into. Much different than Tulip’s temptation.
Cassidy knowing himself
If the series holds somewhat true to the book, the most honest account you will get of Cassidy about himself was the following exchange after he tells Jesse that he’s a vampire:

Jesse: Vampire, huh? Sounds like fun.
Cassidy: “Can be…. sometimes.<

Johnny Cash makes everything better
Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash is an awesome song.
Tulip takes command
Everything about Tulip at the whorehouse was impressive, her taking command of the poker game, the joke that she tells to get the verbal advantage, her interaction with Mosey.
Tulip and Jesse for shippers
The scene between Jesse and Tulip when Jesse was tied up was really excellent. You saw glimpses of the real Jesse Custer as well as the sexual relationship between Jesse and Tulip. 1.I don’t think you can ‘ship people who were previously ‘shipping before the story began, can you?”

What I didn’t like as much

The Pioneer and the Saint
I didn’t quite understand the full reason of the sermon of the pioneer when the Saint visits the camp. Especially with the pioneer being so smug.
Emily and Tulip
I don’t get that Emily doesn’t know who Tulip is. It seems like too small of a town for her not to know Walter’s niece, when she asked Jesse to go over there in the Pilot.
Jesse and pedophile Linus
I get that Jesse does not see the pedophile Linus as being truly repenitent of his sins, but can we actually have a sense that he was never going to change, even if it was only a look. Just the image of an empty school bus all over town, isn’t enough for Jesse to go over and beat him up.
Odin Quincannaon>
I think the casting of Jackie Earl Haley as Odin Quincannon is inspired. That being said, I’m still not convinced that the character should have a larger role in the world of Preacher.
Those hunting Cassidy
Second week, and we still don’t know who is hunting Cass, why they are hunting him, and who are they sending after him. And the way the two ‘bad guys’ were introduced seemed rushed, and put in just so there was an action scene.
Mrs. Loach and her daughter
I think an explanation of what happened with her daughter would make more sense than just utter contempt for Jesse bringing his peaceful word to help the girl.
Some of the lighting in this episode was too dark. As in impenetrable, “what the hell am I looking at” dark.

Rambling thoughts

  • “This program contains violent content which may be too intense for some viewers.” Ya think?
  • In the fire light and shadows, The Saint looked like Terry O’Quinn for a minute.
  • Jesse’s power of The Word works on animals? I think that’s different than the book, unless they explain it away.
  • Commercial for the Doom videogame remake, during the tv adaptation of Preacher. Sooooo, 90s! Get me a bottle of Pete’s Wicked Ale and go to an ECW show! (props to @Misha_Mayhem)
  • Line of the night, “What happened Preacher? Jesus take your wheel?”
  • Jesse calling Cassidy a loser, I wonder if that is his moment of calling him an Abomination from the comic book? Same guilty look after. Same look on Cassidy’s face on the truck ride.
  • What the heck were the two werid dudes doing? Some sort or exorcism?
  • A chainsaw seems like one of the most impractical weapons you’d “bring” to a fight. Maybe if it’s lying around.
  • At the poker table, Clive is holding onto a game of poker with a 2 of Hearts and a 5 of spades? Christ! I know most people don’t care, but give him a 9 and a Jack for goodness sake!
  • I hope Cassidy is better at cleaning blood off of floors than he is at fixing air conditioners.
  • Cassidy’s accent is much better in this episode than the Pilot, not trying as hard.
  • The new school mascot visiting the local whorehouse. LOL
  • “You crawl outside for air, and then you hit the worst part of level five…the sun. You weren’t expecting that were you? You never do.” – Larry Miller quote, that applies to Cassidy.
  • Does whiskey help with sawing leg irons off? Just wondering.
  • Where was Jesse that Eugene/Areseface found him? It didn’t look like his bedroom at the church.

I’ll review more later in the week, and maybe post a guest post on someone else’s  blog too.

Sláinte na bhfear,




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