Full Ramble: Preacher Episode 1.02: See

In this episode of Preacher, Jesse Custer tries to redeem and forgive the evil in men’s souls, Cassidy tries to rip some souls out with a chain saw, and Tulip sits on Jesse’s lap to see if his soul will come out. So, this is my full on rambling review of the second episode of Preacher, titled “See

Preacher Episode 1.02: See

Trying a new format this week for the review. Let’s see how it works:

Plot Points – 10

  • 6-8-2016 11-05-06 PMIn 1881, a cowboy rides off for a town to get medicine for a girl1.presumably his daughter. The cowboy stops to eat supper with some settlers before making his way to the town of Ratwater.
  • Jesse is performing baptisms for his congregation, including Linus, Miles, Eugene, and a mocking Tulip, while the two mysterious men look on. After the Baptism, Jesse meets with everyone. Emily shows her dislike for Cassidy, and informs Jesse that he has to visit the Loaches. Linus talks to Jesse abut his inability to stop thinking about a young girl who rides his school bus.
  • Mr. Quincannon and his team comes to someone’s house who is selling land to him. After the transaction is complete, the house is bulldozed.
  • Jesse and Emily are outside of the supermarket taking suggestions for the church. Jesse leaves her to perhaps go after Linus’s school bus, but cannot because Tulip has removed the steering wheel from the truck and put it up on a lamp post.
  • Jesse comes back to the church and has a drinking session with Cassidy, after which he passes out on the church floor, and Cassidy steals Jesse’s truck and goes somewhere. While Jesse is passed out the mysterious gentlemen try to do ‘something’ to Jesse with a music box and a chainsaw. Cassidy arrives in time and kills the two men.
  • Tulip visits the Toadvine Whorehouse to play poker. She beats Clive, a worker for Quincannon who got beat up by Donnie earlier, and is earning a lot of money. She gets a call from someone named, Dany, and they make plans.
  • 6-9-2016 5-13-12 PMThe next morning, Jesse wakes up and visits Mrs. Loach and her comatose daughter. Although she appreciates his visit, she is bitter about what happened to her daughter.
  • Jesse is driving back (home I’m guessing) when he sees a baby carrier in the middle of the road. But this is just a distraction by Tulip, who puts him in leg irons and tries to convince him to help her on her job, by trying to seduce his bad side. He still refuses, and Tulip goes to meet Dany in Houston without Jesse.
  • Jesse makes his way back to the church where he meets Eugene while trying to saw the chain off his leg. After a talk with him, Jesse goes and confronts Linus, and forces him to have a baptism in scalding hot bath water, telling him to forget the little girl on the bus. Finally, Jesse uses The Word on Linus, surprising himself and scaring Linus who wonder what Jesse did to his brain.
  • At the end of the episode we see Sherrif Root talking to the mysterious gentlemen, who are alive again, while Jesse visits Mrs. Loach again and uses the voice to ask her daughter, Tracy,  to “Open.. your… eyes.”

Quotes – 9

  • “I’m in the middle of Southwest Nowhere here, all right? I have no money. I have no transport. I’m runnin’ dangerously low on drugs. And I’ll do somethin’ desperate, I swear to God. I’m jokin’ about. Don’t be like that. ” – Cassidy
  • “He’s walkin’ the Earth with a face like an arsehole. Should’ve tried harder. Was that an un-Christian thing to say, was it?” – Cassidy
  • “What happened Preacher, Jesus take your wheel?” – Tulip
  • “Hard day at the office, dear? Huh? All right, well come on, then, will ya? Dinner’s gettin’ cold.” – Cassidy
  • “Look, I’m just sayin’, boring’s not the worst thing a person can be, Cassidy.” – Jesse
    “I think you’re wrong. I think boring’s the worst.” – Cassidy
  • “No, it’s pretty typical, really. I am a 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City. And I’m currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow. What else? I’m a right-handed Sagittarius. I love Chinese food. I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean. And I think that “The Big Lebowski’s” Overrated. ” – Cassidy
  • “Like I said, padre. No trouble.” – Cassidy
  • “Yeah, my uncle pukes and shits himself every day. DT’s so bad he can’t button his shirt. One time, when I was 6, go wasted so bad he drove through a parking lot int a petting zoo. Killed two kids and a billy goat. Just kiddin’. But funny, right?” – Tulip
  • “In the end, the change in us always comes from God.” – Jesse
    “But Preacher. What if this is the me that God wants?” – Eugene.

Things I noticed – 8

  • The profile of the cowboy is that of the figure on the bottle of Ratwater Texas.
  • The Saint looks at the guns hung up in a closet, as in he’s a killer who has literally hung up his gun belt.
  • The hanged native american Indians who were scalped and hanging from a tree, very reminiscent of how the Saint earned a living.
  • Linus definitely has some hesitation before going into the tub to be baptized.
  • Cassidy definitely notices that Miles is interested in Emily, and that Emily is decidedly not interested.
  • Call me crazy, but Joseph Gilgun’s Cassidy has the cadence of Rowdy Roddy Piper.
  • Are there still whorehouses/brothels where people go just to hang out, play Defender, poker, and then go get laid? Apparently, kids, high school mascots, and the entire work force of Quincannon Meat and Power hang out at the brothel on a weeknight.
  • Given the look on Tulips face, and the reaction from Mosie, I think it’s very possible that Walter did run over two kids and a billy goat.

New Mysteries – 7

  • Fiore and DeBlanc are confused about something in the beginning of the episode. Is this only that Genesis hasn’t destroyed Jesse Custer as it did the others?
  • A small mystery, but how does Emily not know who Tulip is, when she knows Tulip’s uncle Walter.
  • On the way out, someone calls Eugene a murderer. How does one become a murderer by trying to kill oneself?
  • When Cassidy asks him, Jesse won’t say who taught him how to fight.2.Well, of course in the comic books, his dad was a fighter, and Jody taught him how to be mean about it. So it was a combination of nature and nurture.
  • Something bothers Tulip about Clive taking Lacey up to the room. Does she sympathize with Lacey, as she nearly was a prostitute. Does she fear for Lacey, given the temper she sees with Clive? Seems like something was called out there. And why is Tulip hanging out in a whorehouse anyway?
  • What happened to Mrs. Loach’s daughter to put her in a coma? And why does Mrs. Loach have such resentment for Jesse’s help, is it just because her daughter was taken from her, or more because something happened.
  • Who is the client of Dany’s  that Tulip is securing the map of The Grail for. And what information is Tulip and Dany trying to acquire from this person?

Things straight from the comic – 6

  • 6-8-2016 11-13-41 PMIn the comic book, the Saint was a brutal gunfighter and bounty hunter, who hung up his guns for his wife and daughter.
  • In the comic book, the Saint traveled to the town of Ratwater Texas to get medicine for his ailing daughter.
  • In the comic book, Cassidy names Sherrif Root’s son Arseface.
  • There’s a certain pause when Mr. Quincannon talks about butchers. That ties into the comic book.
  • In the comic book, Jesse calls Cassidy an “Abomination” and Jesse drives off in his truck away from Jesse. In this, Jesse calls him a “Goddamn loser”, and after Jesse passes out, Cassidy later steals Jesse’s truck. In both instances, Cassidy returns, but in the show, his motives for doing so are le6-9-2016 6-23-36 PMss clear.
  • Cassidy headbutts Fiore. He did this a few times in the comic book during bar fights.

Things I liked – 5

  • The two conversations between Jesse and Cassidy, one after the baptism and the other in the middle of the church. The 90s is when the bromance was really invented (though it existed before then, of course), and Jesse and Cassidy were always in full bromance mode.
  • Can never go wrong with Johnny Cash, and “Rusty Cage” is an excellent choice.
  • Joseph Gilgun does a really great job at being funny and menacing in the scene where he interrupts DeBlanc and Fiore.
  • The look of Cassidy as he opens the door and sees the sunlight is really well done.
  • 6-9-2016 4-01-46 PMI really like the ‘inspirational’ music in the background while Jesse gives his speech of hope to Mrs. Loach, as well as her look as she says, “Thank you.” It makes it all the more devastating when she rejects his good word.

Themes – 4

  • The theme of a promise or a covenant between God and his righteous followers comes up again, but this time it is in 1881 with the settler making the point to the Saint.
  • Actions spawn reactions. Jesse beats up on Donnie in the bar, and then Donnie takes it out on a co-worker Clive, who then is aggressive towards the hooker, Lacey.
  • One of the strongest themes of the show is the temptations of Jesse Custer. It is easier for him to rebuff the temptation from Tulip of leaving his responsibilities, but far easier to accept Cassidy’s temptation of alcohol.
  • The main theme of this episode, and of the relationship between Tulip and Jesse, is who are you deep down. Through mindset and putting your faith in the divine, can you change who you are deep down. Jesse is certainly seduced with the idea that it would be easier to slip back into the person he used to be. He is further torn after his talk with Eugene, which inspires him to confront Linus. Obviously, he is putting his own nature of being unable to resist temptation onto Linus, forcibly judging Linus because he feels he can look into his soul and see the unrepentant sinner within, within both Linus and himself.

Theories – 3

  • DeBlanc attempts to lure the entity out of Jesse’s body using a lulabye/children’s son, because in the comic book, Genesis is a child like entity. I think DeBlanc has used that song with Genesis before.
  • There must be a black church in the town of Annville, Texas, and that we will see that from Tulip’s perspective at some point in time, and why she has such disdain for the Church.
  • When Tracy Loach wakes up, she’s going to be different, and the Loaches along with Linus, and eventually others, are going to turn on Jesse Custer.

Sermons – 2

Jesse’s Sermon

Of course you’re not fine. You’re in pain. Day-after-day pain. Puts you to bed and sits there waitin’ for you when you wake up. Like a big screw stuck itself in your chest. That’s what it was like for me, anyway. But someday — and if I said exactly when, I’d be a liar — but… someday the light of the Lord will reach you. Both of you. And when it does, somethin’ will happen. Somethin’ will change.

Tulip’s Sermon

No, it doesn’t, Jesse! Cut the crap. I know what you did to Donnie Schenck…. That was you, Jesse! And it’s only a matter of time till you’re you all over again. So, here’s a prediction. I’m gonna ask you to do this job. You’re gonna say no. But I’m not doin’ it without you. So, I’m gonna keep askin’ over and over, ’cause I know you, Jesse Custer. I know that deep down, you’re a bad, bad man. And sooner or later, Mr. Bad Man’s gonna come back around, and he’s gonna say yes.

Best Moment – 1

I really liked the opening scene where Jesse is looking straight in to the camera with a smirk and asking “Who is your Savior?”






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