Countdown Review: Preacher Episode 1.03

Well we just finished the third episode of the first season of Preacher. 1.Second if you think the Pilot is separate from the rest of the season This episode solidified a few facts about the series, more than perpetuating the story more. It was pretty good though. Here’s the countdown.

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Preacher – Episode 1.03

Title:         The Possibilities
Air Date:     June 12, 2016
Writer:        Chris Kelley
Director:     Scott Winant    

Plot Points

A list of the ten main plot points of the episode

  1. Tulip meets Dany in Houston. Dany tries to get Tulip to kill her husband, but Tulip refuses and exchanges the map for information about her (and Jesse’s) ex-partner, Carlos.
  2. Tulip has a flashback to the day that Jesse, her and Carlos were on a job. Carlos ran out on them, during one of their jobs, where a security guard was shot.
  3. Dany meets up with a man in a movie theater, wearing a white suit and a hat. She gives him the paper that Tulip gave her. He calmly walks out of the theater without even talking to her.
  4. Over at the Loach’s house, Emily is talking to Mrs. Loach about Jesse’s earlier visit, as her daughter now has her eyes open, but still is brain dead. But Mrs. Loach is now more repentant.
  5. Donnie walks his son to the bus, and tries to explain about his BDSM relationship with his mom. On the bus, Linus does not recognize the little girl he used to lust after.
  6. Cassidy is at the church, when the coffin with Ted’s body arrives. Emily tells him to take care of it. Cassidy finds Jesse in deep thought, and Jesse shows Cassidy his new found power.
  7. Donnie is at his job working as Odin Quincannon’s right-hand-man, and Odin knowing of his injury, shows how useless Donnie is to him. Emasculating him after already knowing that school kids are laughing at him.
  8. Cassidy notices a black SUV in town, while he’s cremating Ted. He follows them to the church where they arrive loaded with weapons. But Cassidy runs them over with the van. Later they are revived and confront Cassidy about helping them get the entity out of Jesse. Cassidy agrees to be the middleman for the angels and Jesse.
  9. Tulip stops Jesse in his truck, and tells him about her Houston visit. And tells her that she has Carlos’s last known address. Jesse gets in the car with Tulip and they head off to find him. But they stop at a gas station first, where Donnie confronts Jesse in the bathroom with a gun. After trying to intimidate Jesse, he uses his power on Donnie and nearly tells him to kill himself, but he changes his mind.
  10. At the end of the episode, Jesse and Emily lay the ashes of Ted to rest in the graveyard behind the church where Jesse’s dad is buried.


A list of the nine quotes that I just liked the best.

  1. “That was the day, Dany….for me. For Jesse and me. That’s the day it all turned bad. And someone’s gotta pay. ” – Tulip
  2. “Listen, uh….Whatever you think you hear sometimes…through the bedroom walls, whatever… I don’t hurt your mom. I do, but sh—Grown-ups are complicated.” – Donnie.
  3. “No? This is my “very on it” outfit.” – Cassidy
  4. “Sing me some Johnny Cash.” – Jesse
    “Me some Johnny Cash. Ha ha!” – Cassidy
    “Hop and tell me a secret.” – Jesse
    “I like Justin Bieber. Shite!” – Cassidy
  5. “Now, there are three possible explanations here – Number one, John Travolta, you know the movie where he gets his power from a brain tumor. Number two, Jason Bourne get his power from a secret government agency. Or, and it’s the least likely, but it’s my favorite scenario, you’re a Jedi.” – Cassidy
  6. “I know all kinds of crazy. Just… tell me how it feels.” – Cassidy
    “It feels like… there’s a big blender in my gut. And inside that blender, there’s everything. Love… hate… fire, ice… polonium2.why the hell is he calling out Polonium?, ice cream, tarantulas – everything. All of God’s creation… inside of me. You know that kind of crazy?” – Jesse
  7. “A right-hand man with no right hand.” – Odin
  8. “That promise you made was a little boy’s promise made a long time ago. There’s no such thing as good guys, Jesse. There’s just guys. ” – Tulip
  9. “Come on, God damn it. I said squeal!” – Donnie
    “Ain’t gonna squeal for you, Donnie.” – Jesse
    “Well, then you’re gonna die for me.” – Donnie
    “Not that, neither. But I will make a deal with you. Copy find your body, I’ll make it look like a suicide. No reason for the whole town to know I beat you like a bitch twice.” – Jesse

Did you notice?

I noticed about eight things that seemed worth calling out. If you noticed others, post it in the comments or contact me on twitter.

  1. Dany’s truck says, “Moshiach is coming now!” This identifies Dany, or it’s just her cover, as a member of the Jewish faith. Moshiach is the Hebrew name for the Messiah. Additionally, on the side of her truck it says, “Mitzvot on the spot”. 3.Mitzvot is the plural of Mitzvah, which are righteous duties
  2. According to the poster on the wall, when he leaves, the man in the white suit was attending the Houston 4th Annual Snuff Film Festival. 4.Well, if there was any doubt that it was Herr Starr, that cinches it
  3. Cassidy let’s Emily know that he sees that she’s attracted to Jesse. And it makes her back off.
  4. Was that older woman who comes in Odin’s office, Miss Oatlash? Odin does call for her later on the intercom. 5.Not sure how I feel about this one, as Oatlash is a funny character, but one of the most ridiculously lampoonish character of the series.
  5. In my opinion, Odin Quincannon is THE most despicable character in the book. 6.Herr Starr will do more despicable things to get what he wants. But Starr has motives beyond simple power and control And Jackie Earl Haley and the script just show those qualities so brilliantly here.
  6. Only comic book fans will get this, but doesn’t Jesse Custer look like Cole Burns, of 100 Bullets fame in the flashback?
  7. Cassidy uses a candle snuffer as his weapon from the church closet.
  8. Jesse is roughly the same age that his father was when he died.

Questions Answered

This episode finally got around to answering some basic questions that had been lingering around for the previous two episodes. Here are seven that caught my eye.

  1. Tulip traded the map of the grail for the last known address of their accomplice, Carlos, who ran out on them.
  2. The can that Fiore was staring at when he was killed 7.the first time by Cassidy, is important.
  3. Jesse did help Tracy Loach to open her eyes, but she was not brought back to consciousness.
  4. Tulip does know about Jesse’s promise to his dead father. It made no sense for her to not know about him.
  5. DeBlanc says that the entity was put in the can in the first place, so that it could never be used, ever. So they were luring the entity back to its home.
  6. It certainly seems like Eugene’s actions of trying to kill himself may have done something to Tracy Loach, but it’s unclear whether it was intentional or accidental.
  7. The gravestone at the end of the episode confirms that Jesse’s father was named John Custer, and that he was born in 1955 and died in 1990.

New Mysteries

You’re always adding to the mystery pile. So here are the main six mysteries and questions that were added in this episode.

  1. Who is Dany, and who is her husband who is always eating? Why is she asking for Tulip to kill her, and not someone else?
  2. So we know that the day that Carlos ran out on Jesse and Tulip is the day that changed everything, why did that day change everything? Obviously that was the last time Jesse and Tulip were on a job together. But what about the day made Jesse go back to Annville.
  3. Tulip calls Carlos “child-killin” but whose child did he kill. Must be so obviously bad that Jesse doesn’t even correct her on it.
  4. So if DeBlanc and Fiore can be ‘resurrected” that quickly, why didn’t they do it that fast the first time they were killed?
  5. What was Jesse going to tell Tulip at the gas station? Something about the entity inside him? Something about the day that Carlos left? Something else?
  6. What is with the electricity in the town? Does that have something to do with the entity in Jesse Custer, or is it something else?

Things I liked

I liked a lot about this episode, but here are the top give things that really stood out to me, warming the evil parts of my heart.

  1. He’s still a bully and an asshat, but I did appreciate Donnie trying to explain things to his son.
  2. Janey, the young girl that Linus has a thing for is obviously traumatized by his creepy attitude towards her. 8.I mean I liked it as a story line. Not that I like her being creeped out…. Don’t judge me!!!!)
  3. It’s such an easy thing, but having Cassidy sing Molly Malone going through the church is kindof awesome.
  4. The scene with Jesse and Cassidy, each talking about power. Jesse talking about the tumult inside him from the entity giving him this power. Cassidy talking about someone who has been ‘cursed’ with an affliction that he has turned into a positive. All ties into the name of the episode, “The Possibilities”
  5. Jesse giving no reaction to Donnie pointing a gun at his head, was just awesome! Slowly drying his hands, no panic whatsoever. I’d like to think that had nothing to do with him having “The Word”.

From the Comic Book

The show weaves in and out of the comic book lore. Here are four things directly from (or just reminiscent of) the comic book series.

  1. Jesse who runs out on Tulip after a job that went right, and not some third member of their crew who left when a job went wrong…
  2. The man in the white suit is known as Herr Starr. In the comic book, he is already a key member of the organization known as The Grail, but he has designs of his own within the organization.
  3. Ms. Oatlash was Odin Quincannon’s lawyer, who was heavily into the domination side of BDSM lifestyle 9.a recurring theme in Garth Ennis’s comic books.
  4. Cassidy has tried to broker deals between the divine and Jesse Custer in the comic book, but that was a very different situation.

Themes – new and continuing

Themes of the show and specifically of Season 1. Three of them, though I’m sure you can find others.

Violence is contagious

We have seen that the writers are really making the point about violence begetting more violence. We see that in this episode with Donnie and his son. Donnie’s son has taken his dad’s violence as a value system. And even looks to his dad for approval for not just standing up to someone for making fun of his dad. But for looking for approval in the fact that he hurt him. The violence perpetuates more violence.

Power corrupts

One of the most important themes of the comic book comes into play right here. We all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. But it is the truly righteous man who sees the corruption and is able to turn away from it. Jesse gets off on the power in this episode, but when he sees what Cassidy is willing to do, when he sees how far he could abuse the power with Donnie, he turns away from it.

Just look at Cassidy, and the look in his eyes, just from being able to be near the power that Jesse has. And then look at Jesse’s troubled eyes.

Or even later when we see Odin Quincannon take every opportunity to show Donnie that he is useless without his arm, only for the purpose of cruelty or to ensure that everyone beneath you stays that way. The bullying mentality.

Good guys versus guys

This is a classic theme within the walls of the Preacher Universe, that there is such a thing as being a simplistic John Wayne like good guy, but you have to be able to walk the walk. And Jesse is just one of the few who is able to do just that. Tulip tries to convince him otherwise in this, but eventually Jesse remembers to be true to himself.

Best Moments

There were many good moments in this one. But two stand out.

The first is the moment where Tulip is working the con on the police officer. From the putting on of the military ring, to the story, which was true in her own way, to the real emotion she knew how to tap into. Nice job. Put just enough truth in the story to make the emotions real on your face.

But second is the single best moment has to be the confrontation between Jesse and Donnie in the bathroom. To the total cool that Jesse showed by not being afraid of Donnie, even with a hand gun. To the look of boredom as he gets on his face when he gets on his knees, thinking that he actually has to take a threat from Donnie seriously. To the awesome way that Jesse threatened Donnie. And then after using The Word on him, Jesse’s revelation of what having the power means. “I get it (to himself)… You can go (to Donnie).” There’s the Jesse Custer I know.


We got two really good sermons this week, one from Tulip and one found in an exchange between Tulip and Jesse. 10.I nearly put one of Cassidy’s in, but it seemed a little too selfish

Oh I know this first one seems like a con and not a sermon, but it’s what Tulip believes.

“I have a friend… started going down a wrong road a while back. I mean, really wrong, like really bad life decisions. I tried to help. Beat sense in his big stupid, head, but… I haven’t been able to get through to him. Till today. And I know speeding’s wrong. It’s dangerous and it’s wrong and it’s against the law. But I’m sorry, and I probably shouldn’t say this, but… I’d break a hundred damn laws if it’d get this guy back on track.” – Tulip
“You sure he’s worth it.” – police officer
“I really wish he weren’t” – Tulip


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