Countdown Review: Preacher Episode 1.05

After a lackluster fourth episode, we’re back this week with episode 5, South Will Rise Again. As always this is my countdown review of the episode. Hope you like it.

Preacher – Episode 1.05

Title:         South Will Rise Again
Air Date:     June 26, 2016
Writer:         Craig Rosenberg
Director:     Michael Slovis

Okay, if this is your first time reading my blog, I break down the points of the story into different sections, each counting down to the big character testimonial at the end. It’s a bit of a blogger/writer gimmick, but it helps me put into perspective what was important in an episode. For example, if more questions are raised than questions are answered, then that means something.

Also, it probably helps me keep the number of quotes down to 9.

Anyway, this is the fifth episode of Preacher. The AMC people are calling this episode 4, where the first episode was the “Pilot” and therefore was not numbered. Very strange. I’m just not sure I want to go back and re-title all of my blog posts.

10 Plot Points

  1. Show opens with the gunslinger making his way into the town of Ratwater. He goes to get the medicine, but the man can’t finish it until morning. So the ex-gunslinger goes to the saloon, trying to avoid trouble as he witnesses people fighting, raping,
  2. The gunslinger leaves town with the medicine, but he returns to Ratwater when he sees the family he had dinner with heading to Ratwater wanting to save the boy from the corruption there. He encounters a preacher who recognizes him from the battle of Gettysburg. The Preacher and his friends beat him up, and then the preacher shoots the gunslinger’s horse. Forcing him to walk back to his home, where his wife and daughter were dead. He picks up his gun belt and heads off.
  3. Sherriff Root is investigating some vandals who broke into his house and wrote Murderer and Finish the Job on the walls of Eugene’s room.
  4. Jesse and Emily are talking in the coffee shop, and Jesse’s sermon on Sunday is the talk of the town. Everyone comes to Jesse asking his advice now. And Jesse uses the word to have people follow his advice.
  5. Cassidy and Tulip hash out exactly what is true about being a vampire. Cassidy confesses his love for Tulip, and tells her that her boyfriend may not be right for her. She goes and talks to Jesse about it, and he further states that he is staying.
  6. DeBlanc and Fiore are still in the motel room, and the telephone to heaven is still ringing. Just as they are about to answer it, it stops ringing.
  7. Odin meets with Miles and asks him to set up a meeting between him and the Green Acre people.
  8. Eugene meets with Jesse to have him help his Dad. Jesse takes Eugene to the Loach house where he uses his voice to have Mrs. Loach forgive Eugene.
  9. Tulip robs a drug store to get drugs for Cassidy. She meets him outside the local strip club, and they have sex.
  10. DeBlanc and Fiore meet with Jesse Custer.


  1. Preacher: Gettysburg. Third day – Pickett’s Charge. You were with the 4th Virginian. I was with the 8th Ohio. I never seen a man more in love with killing than you. We lost a lot of good men that day. Lost a lot of horses too.
  2. Cassidy: All right. Well, go on, then. Ask me.
    Tulip: Fangs?
    Cassidy: No.
    Tulip: Turn into a bat?
    Cassidy: No.
    Tulip: Sleep in a coffin?
    Cassidy: Not if I can help it.
    Tulip: Afraid of the cross?
    Cassidy: It’s a 2000 year old symbol of hypocrisy, slavery, and oppression. But it won’t burn me face off.
    Tulip: Silver bullets?
    Cassidy: That’s a werewolf.
    Tulip: Sunshine.
    Cassidy: Oh, yeah. That’s legit.
    Tulip: You die?
    Cassidy: The invention of sunscreen – that was a nice bonus.
  3. Tulip: But you drink blood.
    Cassidy: Yeah. Helps me heal. All things bein’ equal, I’d rather have single malt.
  4. Cassidy: This is a nice place you got here. I see Linoleum’s hip again. As a bonus, there’s an old feller passed out in the back.
  5. Betsy: Sooner or later, we all get a whuppin’ – no shame in it. 1.Good advice actually there.
  6. Fiore: Hello. It’s me – Fiore. Just wanted to let everyone know we’re on top of the situation. There was a slight —
    DeBlanc: A massive security breach.
    Fiore: A slight massive security breach.
  7. Jesse: They were gonna eat that dragon anyways.
    Tulip: You don’t know that!
    Jesse: They were setting up a barbecue spit.
  8. Betsy: A 66? Last time I checked, that’s a “pass.” That’s a good pass. That teacher’s always picking on Chris. I don’t know why or what her problem is other than her husband’s disgustingly fat.
  9. Odin: Yep. We grow or we die, Miles. We grow or we die.

8 Did You Notice

  1. The music when the man who will be known as The Saint of Killers. I’m betting that will be his music throughout the series.
  2. The look of resignation on the Saint’s face as he goes to the house. He knows what’s coming, and he knows what he will do.
  3. The look between Tulip and Emily was definitely one of hunter and prey. As in Emily has something that is Tulips.
  4. Dominic Cooper’s evil and confident and ass-kicking smiles are really getting better, and they were good to begin with.
  5. The look of terror or something else in Mrs. Loach’s eyes, as she is being forced to forgive someone who she has not forgiven.
  6. The crow eating Chinese food, that Cassidy says he loves before Tulip robs the drug store.
  7. The marquis sign on the outside of the strip club: “Thousands of beautiful girls, and three fat ones.”
  8. How quickly Jesse recognizes that DeBlanc and Fiore are talking about Cassidy.

7 Questions Answered

  1. Eugene is in some way responsible for what happened to Traci Loach. Whether that is the same event where he shot himself in the face, or whether it is what made him do it, we are still not sure.
  2. Jesse’s father’s land includes the church land. So that makes a little more sense than it did before.
  3. Tulip kissed Cassidy because she thought he was dying, and she was giving him his dying wish. 2.Lousy answer, but at least it’s a reason.
  4. Tulip thinks of Jesse as her boyfriend, even if that relationship is lapsed.
  5. It’s been 2 years since Carlos left Tulip and Jesse. So it would stand to reckon, that Jesse and Tulip separated shortly after that.
  6. DeBlanc and Fiore can tell that Jesse has been using his power.
  7. Jesse believes that the power inside of him is God.

6 Things I Liked

  1. The whole scene with the Saint in the town of Ratwater was really fun and well done. The man singularly driven for his goal, not acknowledging the people around him, or the bottle of whiskey in front of him. And then being pulled in by doing a good dead which costs him the lives of his wife and daughter. Just awesome.
  2. Whoever did the cinematography in this episode needs to be commended. I mean look at the shot in the picture here. It is absolutely beautiful and tells a story too about where Jesse is in his life.
  3. The Tulip and Cassidy conversation where they are going over the rules of being a vampire, was well done.
  4. Okay, I liked the philosophy from Donnie. It was weird and out of place. But I have to admit I liked it. 3.Even if it means that it’s going to stop me from eating a hamburger tonight. And later when the payoff of him confessing that Jesse made him feel like he was a cow in a maze, was a nice payoff.
  5. While I didn’t like the scene where Emily is peeing, the shot where Tulip seems to appear out of the sunlight was tremendous.
  6. Odin just saying “Yep.” After shooting committing mass murder. He’s evil in a delightful way.

5 Comic Book Connections

  1. In the comic book, the man who would become The Saint of Killers came into the town of Ratwater to get the medicine as he does here in the series. His journey is indeed delayed, causing the death of his wife and child. But in the comic, it wasn’t the Saint’s morals that caused him to lose the day, it was his history that came back to haunt him.
  2. The Saint’s heart is so cold that it freezes hell over, and his is so absolute that all give way to him, including the crows that fly out of the chimney.
  3. I know that what Sherriff Root said to Eugene seemed harsh, but in the comic book he was far worse. Before Arseface shot himself, Root beat him as often as he could and called him every name in the book. Once he shot himself in the face, he never even spoke to Arseface or acknowledged his existence.
  4. The rules for being a vampire, pretty much are the same as the comic book. Only sunlight is the same as the legends.
  5. In the comic book, Cassidy did process his love for Tulip, but that was after Tulip and Jesse were an active couple. In the series, Cassidy fell for Tulip because he wanted a piece of the love that Jesse and Tulip showed for each other.

4 Things I Didn’t Like

I nearly wrote this section as the top for misogynistic things that happened in Preacher this week, as it’s starting to get ridiculous. I mean all I notice are the lessening of the female characters in this show. It’s getting uncomfortable.

  1. Misogyny check – I don’t like to throw around the term misogyny, but man the writers seem to have a misogynistic agenda. And each one didn’t bother me, but when you put them all together, it really did. For example:
    • The theme of women as nothing but objects for sex continues. I wouldn’t mind it as much if there was some counter-balance to all of this. We can start with the opening scene where a woman is being raped, and her son is forced to watch. The Preacher after hanging around with guys, goes with a whore who knows him. Perfectly valid minor characters, IF there were female characters on the other side of the equation.
    • Tulip still thinks of Jesse as her boyfriend, even though he left her 2 years ago. She’s now waiting in the town, even after he has said differently, just for him to come to his senses and leave with her. Because she can’t do a job without a man by her side. So basically, Tulip, as a character has no purpose without a man. Great. If she had sex with Cassidy just to get back at Jesse we’ll have run the full gamut. I mean talk about failing the Bechdel test.
    • Okay, I guess that it’s good that they actually gave Betsy a personality, rather than the meek, I like being hurt, persona from the Pilot. But just even saying the sentiment that if Donnie isn’t enough of a man for her, that she’s just going to go cheat on him, really is awful. I mean aren’t we past all this, women giving out the prize of sex to those who are strong, even in caricature of bad messed up people? Yes, maybe it’s just how she motivates Donnie, but even so.
    • Why do we need to see Emily sitting on the toilet? I mean I guess it is somewhat equal rights as we saw Odin Quincannon peeing on Mile’s briefcase, last week. But even so, it seemed really unnecessary. Showing men as being powerful and destructive when they urinate, and women being helpless when they do it.

    All in all, it really bothered me. They can fix this by turning Tulip into a character, rather than just a Jesse and Cassidy plot device.

  2. Sorry, I still don’t like the fact that the Saint continues to trot his horse when his daughter is sick and needs medicine within a few days. But then he’s willing to make the horse run back to save some boy. I know it’s meant to show his change, but unless someone who rides horses wants to tell me differently, it makes no damn sense. Especially as he has already been away for three days. 4.They could have cut the first scene with him camping by himself, and it wouldn’t be a problem.
  3. I can’t say that I really liked Mrs. Loach being filled with such furious anger, that she doesn’t even hear the words from Jesse that he brought Eugene. It’s a mild dislike, really, because I understand. But when painted with how the other women are depicted in this episode.
  4. So, Odin Quincannon fires three loud shotgun shots, killing three people. And apparently the idiot in the bathroom, just walks on in after that. I think someone on the set of Preacher doesn’t understand gunpowder.

3 New Mysteries

  1. Is Cassidy really in love with Tulip? Is he saying it to manipulate her? Or is he the type that falls in love easily.
  2. DeBlanc and Fiore know that if they mess the situation up, it’s the end of them. But how is it the end?
  3. Odin Quincannon shoots all of the people from Green Acre. Why did he do something so public, and why was he able to do it after Jesse gave the command.

2 Themes

  1. Hypocrisy in religion – We see a lot of hypocrisy in the show when it comes to ‘good’ men actually being good. . Good men who only pretend to be good, especially when they appear to be men of faith. The preacher in the saloon, telling a dirty joke before going up with one of the whores. Then later the man who talked about the country being providence, is selling scalps of Indians, same as the rest. Even with the comment from Cassidy regarding the church speaks to the hypocrisy of the whole situation. This is one of the surprises of the series so far is Jesse using the power of God forcing those to do his will, but maybe when he understands his power he will pull away from it.
  2. Vulnerability – Emily appears very vulnerable here. Jesse becoming popular and revered has pushed him even further away from him. Tulip, thinking that it would just take finding Carlos for Jesse to realize what he had done wrong. Donnie relating the plight of the cows before they go into slaughter with his own vulnerability against the power of Jesse Custer. Miles is very vulnerable being led around by Odin’s manipulations until he gets the rug pulled out from underneath him.

1 Testimonial

  1. Cassidy: “No, no no. I’m not takin’ the piss. This feller, this Carlos, he took everything you ever had, he betrayed you, he wronged you, stole your entire future, and you, you finally found him and he still won’t go? He’s still here? I don’t know. Maybe this boyfriend isn’t the man you thought he was.
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