Countdown Review: Preacher Episode 1.06

Two weeks of nothing happening in Preacher, and in this episode, Sundowner, we get a whole lot of happening.

So let’s go into a deep dive of this episode, shall we?

Preacher – Episode 1.06

Title:         Sundowner
Air Date:    July 3, 2016
Writer:        Nick Towne
Director:    Guillermo Navarro

Okay, if this is your first time reading my blog, I review the television show Preacher. And I use this writing gimmick of of breaking down the points of the story (Plot, Quotes, Things I Liked, etc.), each counting down to the big testemonial.

Maybe I write my review like a church service. LOL. “The first reading is from the Book of Preacher, epsiode 6, and Jesse did spake unto the Vampire Cassidy,

So, this is episode 6, Sundowner. When we last left our faithful hero, he was meeting with the two mysterious individuals, DeBlanc and Fiore, who want the entity that is inside of him. And Cassidy and Tulip have sex in the back of her car.

Let’s dig in.

10 – Plot Points

These are the top 10 plot points for this episode. As there was a lot of action, rather than information, these are actually pretty short this week.

  1. In the coffee shop, Jesse is meeting with Fiore and DeBlanc. Where they explain what the entity is inside him.
  2. Meanwhile a Seraphim, first order of Angels, notices them. And the two of them, including Jesse, battle a Seraphim angel in the parking lot, killing her, before she respawns1.yeah, I said respawns! to look for them again. They drive away
  3. The Seraphim uses Fiore’s car keys to borrow his car, and learn what hotel they are at. Jesse, Fiore and DeBlac fight the Angel before Cassidy arrives and eventually all four of them stop her.
  4. Jesse refuses to give Genesis back to the angels, saying that if God wants Genesis back, he can come ask for it. Afterwards Jesse and Cassidy talk about what is going on, and what Jesse’s plans are. Jesse plans on keeping Genesis and doing more in the town of Annville.
  5. In school, Eugene becomes more popular with his peers. Several boys sit with Eugene, and invite him to go with them as they shoot off bottle rockets in a tunnel.
  6. Emily stays home with one of her daughters who is sick. Tulip confronts Emily about her relationship with Jesse. And the two of them start chatting, to the point where Tulip offers to help Emily with her church errands.
  7. Miles is getting contacted by Green Acre Group about what happened to its employees. He goes to talk to Jesse about it, wondering whether he is hearing the word of God or just his own voice in his head.
  8. Tulip arrives at the church having helped out Emily with the errands. She sees Jesse and Cassidy at the church, and Cassidy realizes that she and Jesse used to have a relationship.
  9. Jesse is preparing for the sermon where he will force the people of the town to be saved when he is interrupted by Eugene who wants the forgiveness to be taken back. Jesse gets angry with Eugene for questioning him, and he uses the voice of Genesis and tells Eugene to “Go to Hell.” Next thing you know, Eugene has disappeared from the church.
  10. Miles calls back the people of the Green Acre Group to tell them that there’s been an automobile accident that caused the death of the people who were meeting with Odin Quincannon.

9 – Best Quotes

It’s always difficult to pick the best 9 quotes from an episode, but these are the ones I liked most.

  1. DeBlanc: Then after a time, Genesis, a thing never meant to be… ya know.
    Fiore: Came to be.
  2. Jesse: So you’re saying this Genesis is some sort of… angel/demon baby?
    Fiore: If by baby you mean the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that could shift the balance of power, threaten all of creation, then yeah, it’s a baby.
  3. Jesse: Here’s a phone. See? Told him don’t got to go to Lubbock. Go ahead. Make your call. Now, dialing only takes a second, but you’re gonna have to look away.
  4. Cassidy: You boys threw a party and didn’t invite me? Oh, you’re welcome, you know. Clones! Bloody clones.
  5. Cassidy: You know what this reminds me of?
    Jesse: Shut up, Cassidy.
    Cassidy: Oh, fair enough.
  6. Cassidy: “I dunno, Padre. Now those fellers might not seem the sharpest shivs in Heaven’s shed, but still, I mean, you said they were bloody angels
  7. Cassidy: Some serious ink there, Padre. Where’d you get that back one?
    Jesse: Mean old lady gave it to me. What about you? You look like a men’s room wall.
    Cassidy: I went through a period of low impulse control.
    Jesse: Thank God that’s over with.
  8. Cassidy: Now, look, I ain’t one to back down from losing a fight or making a bad decision, but there’s asking for trouble, and there’s bloody beggin’ for it. Now, listen, even – even to myself, right, even I’m saying this looks like a mistake.”
    Jesse: This is why Genesis was given to me Cassidy. This is what it’s for. God doesn’t make mistakes.
    Cassidy: God may not make mistakes, but people are bloody famous for it!
  9. Miles: How do you know what’s the right thing to do?
    Jesse: You pray.
    Miles: For what?
    Jesse: Direction, what’s the next best action.
    Miles: How do you know it’s God… giving you the direction? You know, not just the voice in your own head telling you what you already want to hear?
    Jesse: Miles, unless you tell me what’s wrong, I can’t —
    Miles: In my head… it all sounds the same, you know? God, he’s telling me to do one thing, and I’m saying something else. How do you know once voice from the other?
    Jesse: It’s not the same. You know which is which.
    Miles: I don’t know. They’re really similar.
    Jesse: Either you and God are saying the exact same thing. Either that or you’re not hearing God at all.

8 – Questions Answered/Confirmed

The following are the 8 major questions that were answered, or the suspicions that were the entity being called Genesis

  1. The entity inside Jessie is called Genesis. And it was created due to an angel and a demon falling in love, conjoining, and having a baby.
  2. Angels can respawn on earth through a process of reinvigoration. On Earth, Angels don’t feel anything when they die. And apparently they can come back on earth very quickly.
  3. There’s an endless war going on between heaven and hell. And Genesis has been hidden from both sides.
  4. Annville is about 2.5 – 3 hours from Lubbock, Texas.
  5. There are rules about angels coming down to Earth.
  6. Tulip and Jesse when they were travelling together were in Los Angeles, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas before ending up in Dallas.
  7. According to her, Tulip had a kid at some point in time. You don’t get the sense that it was Jesse’s. 3.To me it seems like Tulip is being manipulative here, and lying, but I may be wrong.
  8. Miles last name is Person.4.Wow, that’s just perfect, actually.

7 – New Mysteries

And of course, we need new mysteries to solve.

  1. Did Jesse lie when he said he didn’t hate Eugene. Does he secretly resent him and the questions that he asks.
  2. What did DeBlanc and Fiore hope to accomplish by battling the Seraphim? What are they trying to stop from happening.
  3. Where is there a direct line in Lubbock, Texas to heaven. Who is in charge of it.
  4. DeBlanc started to talk about that an agreement was made at the highest levels regarding Genesis. Who made the agreement?
  5. What is going on with the electricity in Annville. It seems like Jesse and the others know what it is, but it is unrelated to Genesis and the angels.
  6. The angels have no idea how or why Genesis escaped, and they have no idea why it chose Jesse Custer.
  7. What is the significance of the mini golf putter to both Jesse and Tulip?

6 – Things I Liked

  1. Each epsiode, pretty much, has had a minor character really get a solid turn. This week, it’s DeBlanc and Fiore. Both actors were really on point, especially Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc.
  2. The directing was superb this epsiode. The fight scene was great. The hints of Jesse watching through the window. The camera work through the hole from one motel room to the other.
  3. Jesse’s look as he’s talking to the angel, staring down a hand gun, is total confident bad ass. 5.Why must they make him an asshole the other times!! Followed by the horrified look on Jesse’s face when he realizes that his punches are useless on the Angel.
  4. Jesse and Cassidy hanging out by the washing machine was pretty good, nice that they referenced Pulp Fiction as well.
  5. The scene where the teenagers invited Eugene down to the tunnel to shoot off bottle rockets was really well done. Tense and left you wondering what was going to happen, and it turned out to be nothing.
  6. The look on Emily’s face when he mentions Tulip. Her face falls, like the secret is out of the bag, or just the reminder that Jesse’s life is apart from hers.

5 – Did You Notice?

  1. DeBlanc doesn’t care much for Seraphim. Especially how he says, “What all Seraphim want: order and control. ‘Peace.'”
  2. During the fight scene, Fiore says, Shite. He must have been hanging around Cassidy too long.
  3. Miles can’t choose between khaki pants. Shows that he can’t make decisions for himself, and yet he is in mayor. Probably why he gets led around so much by Quincannon.
  4. The look on Emily’s face when Tulip is telling her about where she and Jesse travelled, and later on when she talks about Jesse being popular. Emily is nervous, doesn’t know much about Jesse’s past and is scared about Jesse’s popularity taking him away from her.
  5. Cassidy is all wrapped up from the sun hanging around Jesse. So does Jesse now believe that Cassidy IS a vampire, or just going along with Cassidy’s weirdness?

4 – Things I Hated

  1. I didn’t hate it, but why would DeBlanc and Fiore take a Bible from the motel in the car?
  2. Jesse’s arrogance about having power makes him very unlikeable. I know the other shoe is going to drop for him. But even so, it’s a very bad look for him.
  3. Everything about Tulip saying “Stay away from my boyfriend!” was HORRIBLE. Absolutely HORRIBLE. While Jesse has shown signs of loyalty to Tulip, he has shown no affection for her. Emily works with Jesse, and has shown no signs of trying to “steal” him. Then you add the fact that Tulip was just having sex with Cassidy when we last saw her, so the writers are making her out to be petty jealous in the most stereotypical way, blaming the other woman instead of dealing with the man himself, and Tulip comes across as a hypocrite as well. AND THIS IS THE MAIN FEMALE LEAD FOR THE SHOW? WTF!
  4. I’m not sure how I feel about the love triangle between Cassidy and Jesse and Tulip 6.or quadrangle if you include Emily; however, I’m willing to see where it’s going to go. But I really dislike Tulip’s role in it, that’s for sure.

3 – Comic Book Connections

  1. In the comic book, the Seraphim, more commonly known as archangels, were in charge of Heaven after God departed. Fiore and Deblanc are Adelphi, which are worker/scientist angels.
  2. Cassidy made the joke about Genesis and a terrible name for a band in the early going of the series.
  3. Cassidy’s face when Jesse closes the closet door is very reminiscent of who he is in the comic book. Someone who wants to have love, and be in a relationship, but he has no understanding of the little things that it takes to have one. So usually he simply wants what someone else has and tries to take it. Now, in this one, he isn’t trying to take something that is Jesse’s, but the reaciton is the same.

2 – Theories/Predictions

  1. Ohhh, I think I know what Fiore’s other option might be. In the comic book, it is DeBlanc who sets the Saint of the Killers on the trail of Jesse Custer.
  2. The mean old woman who gave Jesse the tattoo? It may be Jesse’s Grandma L’Angelle, thought she doesn’t seem like the tattooing type, but she fits the description otherwise.

1 – Testemonials

Okay, I’m cheating this week, bringing in two testemonials. The one from Cassidy is a runner up, really.

Cassidy: Now, look, I ain’t one to back down from losing a fight or making a bad decision, but there’s asking for trouble, and there’s bloody beggin’ for it. Now, listen, even – even to myself, right, even I’m saying this looks like a mistake.”
Jesse: This is why Genesis was given to me Cassidy. This is what it’s for. God doesn’t make mistakes.
Cassidy: God may not make mistakes, but people are bloody famous for it!

And the real testemonial comes from Eugene Root. Who, as usual, is the moral center for the show, telling Jesse what he needs to hear finally.

Eugene: You can’t make people see the light, Preacher.
Jesse: Oh Yes I can.
Eugene: But you shouldn’t. People need to choose. That’s the whole point.

Brothers and sisters, we have heard the testimony from Eugene, and we see that the Preacher has fallen into the trap so many of us have done before. The trap that is self-assurance, where we believe that we know where the truth lies, and that if we were given the power, we could make sure that people saw things correctly. But we all know that people need to choose their own path.

And brothers and sisters, we all know that forgiveness is something that cannot be bought or forced. It is something that must be earned, no matter how steep the price is.

Final Sermon

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