Preacher Quick Review: 1.08 – El Valero

My quickie review of Preacher Episode 1.09: El Valero. A pretty interesting episode, where most of the threads come together.

I’m working on a new format to my Preacher reviews, and probably for my reviews in general. But I wanted to get my thoughts down in the blog before I lost sight of it all.

Quick Thoughts

  • The fact that Eugene wasn’t really there was spoiled for me by the “sneak peek” for this week. Though I still would have been wary, it would have been nicer to see it without that.
  • This episode was a character study, a man who has been given absolute power and how it completely corrupts him and leaves him more alone than he ever though he’d be. Jesse at the absolute bottom crawling his way back up.
  • Odin Quincannon is definitely living up to his name about being “The Meat Man”. It’s not more disturbing than his depiction in the comic book, but it’s getting there
  • The best sermon comes from Miles this week, in his speech to Emily getting her to deal with reality rather than fantasy.
  • I know that redeeming Odin and Sherriff Root are the proper things to do for a comic book series. Odin couldn’t be as comically evil and stupid as he was in the comic book, and Root couldn’t be as irredeemably racist, sexist, homophobic, and filled with hate as he was in the comic book. But still, in one sense they shouldn’t be redeemable at all.
  • The action in this episode was good, and the use of Eugene as Jesse’s spiritual adviser (instead of the ghost of John Wayne) is interesting at the least.

Things I would have tweeted

Okay, I was driving back home on Sunday night, so I missed live tweeting with everyone. So these are the top things I would have tweeted at the time:

  • Okay, I was not expecting snow in this season of Preacher. Maybe not in any season of Preacher.
  • Well, I never expected them to give Odin Quincannon a backstory that made him how he’s the evil bastard he is today, whatsoever. So this is pretty interesting.
  • Really, that many people willing to walk into a church with shotguns? I mean I’m not the most religious sort, but I think I’d still be respectful.
  • “He didn’t say nothing. He just kicked our asses.”
  • “You dug out of hell with your hands?”
    “It’s not that far.
  • Okay, this is the combination of humility and ass-kicking that we’ve been waiting for in Jesse Custer.
  • How does Eugene know about the guys in the motel? (I’m going to be pissed if they’ve snookered me…)
  • So, is this the ghost of Eugene? I mean Eugene isn’t going to be the stand in for John Wayne in this series is he?
  • After what happened to the dog, I’m glad (form a source material standpoint) that they didn’t name the dog Skeeter.
  • I hope Jesse only imagined calling Sherriff Root as well as imagining Eugene. Nope!
  • Donnie in the southern re-enactment uniform is really quite a sight with the rest of the workers in jumpsuits and work helmets.
  • You know they just don’t make good henchmen any more.
  • Um, Clive. I don’t think the food court is worth all this.
  • Um, not that I speak from experience, but if someone shot your dick off, I don’t think you’d be walking like that back to the boys.
  • That has to be Miss Oatlash. I’m telling you that, right now. CONFIRMED! YAY! 1.Blitzkrieg me, my Fuhrer of Love!
  • Seems like the road to the church is getting longer each week.
  • Um, I’m no lawyer, there is no binding verbal agreement without a witness to the agreement. I mean I know the answer is corruption, but still.
  • Yes, Emily, what level of fantasy have you been living in.
  • “What good have you done with it.” And there it is.
  • DAMN IT. I saw Preacher. I saw iTunes. I assumed soundtrack. WRONG AGAIN!
  • Lawn chairs and picnics at a Texas standoff. Nice touch.
  • “Now I don’t want you all to think that you’re human shields, or nothing.” Oh just put red shirts on them already.
  • I highly recommend watching Preacher with the closed captioning on. There’s a lot of extra detail there, including all of Odin Quincannon’s motivational speech.
  • The angels are going with “the other option then?” Oops. That’s not good.
  • That damn mascot gets invited to more things than I do.
  • Jesse, you let Donnie get the drop on you? Really?
  • Okay, now did he shoot his eardrums out? Or just blast his gun so loud that he can’t hear anything for a while?
  • The God of Meat? Ohhhkay? “Smear the cheese! Pluck the Hairs! Now, Say the name!”
  • I’m seeing the Jesse Custer I know and love a lot more in this episode.
  • What is with Tulip and the dog. Oh damn no… That’s just mean! There are so many lesser beings you could have chosen, pigs, squirrels, cats, the residents of Annville, Texas.
  • What the heck was that control room at the end.
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