Preacher Review: 1.10 – Call and Response

So did the finale wrap up things nicely? Did it exceed expectations? Did it crash on the windshield of hype and expectations? Let’s delve in and find out.

Preacher – Episode 1.10

Title:         Call and Response
Air Date:    July 31, 2016
Writer:        Sam Catlin
Director:    Sam Catlin

Plot Points

  • The whole town is buzzing about Jesse Custer bringing God to Annville, Texas, as the Sherrif’s department is searching for him in the disappearance of Eugene Root.
  • Tulip returns to town to find everyone buzzing about Jesse bringing God to Texas. She gets rumor that Donnie has found Jesse, and goes to Donnie’s house, breaking the window open. Once there, she finds that Jesse is actually staying with Donnie and Betsy.
  • Cassidy is apparently in jail, where his is confronted by Hugo Root, who knows that he is a vampire. He shoots him to find out information about Eugene.
  • At Donnie and Betsy’s house, Donnie reveals how he had been saved due to Jesse’s mercy. Tulip takes Jesse outside and shows him that she has Carlos.
  • Flashback to the bank heist in Dallas, where we see Carlos setting the bank guard free during the heist because he was jealous of the happiness that Jesse and Tulip shared.
  • At Quincannon, we see a technican monitoring a huge manure pit, that generates the methane gas used to power the town.
  • Back in jail, Cassidy is pulling bullets out of his body, as Sherrif Root feeds him blood. Cassidy goads him into becoming filled with rage enough to shoot Cassidy several times before letting him go.
  • Tulip and Jesse argue to determine what to do with Carlos. Eventually Jesse starts to go to kill Carlos, but Tulip stops him. They let him go, but first beat the hell out of him.
  • Jesse, Tulip, Donnie, and Betsy go to the church to set up for Sunday. Jesse brings out the Angels telephone and a figure appears as God. But when Jesse asks God questions that he can’t answer, Jesse realizes that the figure is not God. And the angel posing as God says that God is missing and the angels don’t know where he is.
  • Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy leave. And Odin and his men tear up the church destroying it.
  • Later on we see the people of Annville react to the news that God is not in heaven. And in the manure pits, the temperature reaches critical as the operator is preoccupied with his wife. The methane gas is released to the town of Annville and the church and the town is seemingly destroyed.
  • Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are at a diner eating, when they decide to go looking for God. They all get in the car and head off down the road.
  • In the remnants of the destroyed town of Annville, the Seraphim is there but The Saint shows up looking for Jesse Custer.

Best Quotes

  • Jesse: Hey Mabel
  • Cassidy: It’s like, one look and you’re done, she’s burned herself into your brain, that fast. Those eyes, that smile.
    Savage: For me, it’s a big fluffy ass.
    Cassidy: Ah. Yeah, well, whatever floats your boat.
  • Cassidy: Uh-oh, manila folder time.
  • Root: I noticed the sunglasses. I noticed… the goofy hats. I just wrote it down to you being an asshole.
    Cassidy: Ha. No, Sherrif. I’m not an arsehole. I’m THE arsehole.
  • Jesse: I’m sorry, Tulip.
    Tulip: You should be. Do something for me, Jesse.
    Jesse: Anything.
    Tulip: Yeah? Cause, um… I mean, it’s bad. Like really bad. I mean, nasty. Anything right?
    Jesse: Whatever you want.
    Tulip: Kill him!
  • Tulip: Chinese food would be good though.
    Jesse: And a nice, cold beer.
    Tulip: Nuh huh. You can’t have a beer.
    Jesse: Say’s who.
    Tulip: I’m not having a beer, and neither are you.
    Jesse: All right. Whiskey it is.
    Tulip: Asswipe.
  • Jesse: It’s like “Lady and the Tramp,” except with out butts.
  • Cassidy: That’s true. Plonkers and gobshites. As far as the eye can see.
  • Cassidy: I mean, you know… ha huh… I’m a dark hearted piece of shite. That’s true. The manila folder never lies.
  • Tulip: Let’s use some guy’s hand to call down heaven on a phone and let some beardy white guy decide.
    Jesse: We don’t know he’s white.
    Tulip: Well he’d better be, or else he’ll have even more explaining to do!
  • Tulip: Stop Jesse. You’re gonna mess my car.
    Jesse: No, I’m not. Trash bag will collect the brains.
    Tulip: Yeah, but there’s – there’s still gonna be splatter, and the – the bullet’s gonna crack my axle.
    Jesse: No, no, no, it won’t, not if I aim here.
  • Tulip: That’s a blown up bulldozer.
  • Tulip: Told you he was a white guy.
  • Cassidy: You know one time, I took quite a bit of angel dust and then I drank an eight-pack of Red Bull, and went to a Bieber concert. Honestly, this is crazier than that.
  • Cassidy: Padre, where are we goin?
    Jesse: Tulip wants french fries.
  • Tulip: So, what’s the plan, Jesse.
    Jesse: Well, the plan is simple – Find God.
    Cassidy: Oh, no offense, Padre, but I’m right – I’m tired of the God talk, now.
    Jesse: I am too. That’s why we’re gonna go out and actually find God.
    Cassidy: Oh, like a – like a road trip? With buckets of guns, sex, drugs, and shady characters dressed in bikinis.
    Jesse: Yeah. I imagine there’ll be a bit of that.
    Cassidy: I’m in. done.
    Tulip: I’m sorry, we’re just gonna like, drive around, shooting people, getting wasted , and looking for God?
    Cassidy: Oh, I’m so in!
  • Tulip: Don’t ever do that again.

Questions Answered

  • The Indian/Savages mascot’s name is Larry. And the Prarie Dog mascot’s name is Pedro.
  • Tulip was pregnant with Jesse’s baby. During the heist where Carlos left them, Tulip had a miscarriage.
  • Carlos betrayed them, because he was jealous of their happiness.
  • Odin Quincannon was married and had a daughter who was killed in the mountain accident.

New Mysteries

  • Who is the “Angel” posing as God? And was it the Seraphim who took him away after he admitted that God was missing?
  • Did anyone in the town of Annville survive the methane gas exploision?
  • Fiore arrives back on earth after freeing The Saint, but DeBlanc is not with him. So is DeBlanc destroyed?
  • Obviously the main question going forward is, where is God? Is he on Earth? 1.Though where God is… is never quite answered in the comic


  • Time of the Preacher by Willie Nelson
  • Bowling Ball Blues by Mack Fields
  • Honey Won’t You Listen by Roy Wayne
  • Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash
  • Go Down Gamblin’ by Blood, Sweat, and Tears
  • 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians
  • No Rain by David Lichens.
  • Your Kind of Love by Lloyd Conger
  • Will You Love Me Tomorrow by Linda Ronstadt
  • Let it Bleed by The Rolling Stones

Things I liked

  • Bookending the series with the Willie Nelson song, Time of the Preacher was a very nice touch.
  • “God is Coming! Bikini Wax 50% Off”
  • The BDSM relationship between Donnie and his wife Betsy seemed much more accurate than depicted previously.
  • Tulip smashing the window in with a pink flamingo.
  • Cassidy’s look and attitude throughout the whole interogation scene.
  • The scene with Donnie giving his testimonial to Tulip, Jesse, and Betsy. Showing Jesse, that it’s not the word that saved him, but it was him NOT using the word that saved him. And it was mercy that gave Donnie his confidence back.
  • The scene where Jesse finds the double fisted dildo, and the look on his face was pretty priceless.
  • Cassidy showing the dark side of what he can do and say was kindof awesome.
  • Donnie and Betsy sitting in bed, with Donnie reading “Gorillas in the Mist” while Jesse and Tulip argue.
  • The look on Tulip’s face when she handed Donnie the tire iron.
  • Betsy getting the police to leave the church, teasing us fans that she has turned against her husband and Jesse, but then she’s still in on the con. Referencing Jesse’s power and using crazy woman southern voice really sold the whole thing.
  • On Sunday, Jesse and Tulip are in the church with the whole town.
  • Cassidy in the diner STILL talking about The Big Lebowski.
  • Road trip!
  • Totally the right call on the Tulip and Jesse kiss. Too easy to have Jesse use Genesis to force Tulip to kiss him and have her like it. But they went the right way2.This time!!! and recognized it as a violation and therefore she punches Jesse in the face.
  • The rumble of the methane gas cloud behind the Seraphim right before The Saint shows up and shoots her in the chest, before saying the word, “Preacher.”

Things I disliked

  • Radio station calling out “Local freak, Eugene Root, is missing”. Really?
  • While I appreciate the whole Cassidy vs Sherrif Root scene. I really doubt that there would be official records of Cassidy dating back to 1920, and as if he is the only person named Cassidy3.Now. And even then, it’s a big jump from “boy this guy doesn’t seem to age” to “Vampire”. Totally done for storyline convenience. Sure sunglasses and a goofy hat makes one a vampire, right.
  • Jesse going from dismissing Tulip from his new life as Preacher of Annville, but suddenly he is willing to jump right into a sexual diversion with her.
  • I know I’m putting too much of comic book Cassidy into television Cassidy, but why in the world wouldn’t he keep his mouth shut when talking to Sherrif Root?
  • Other than one bad comment to his son, Sherrif Root has not been portrayed as enough of an asshole (certainly around Cassidy) to have Cassidy think that Root really wanted Eugene gone from his life.
  • Tulip’s rage went away, a liiiiittle too quickly and easily.
  • Emily is one of the main characters in this season, and she is regulated to just a organist.
  • Odin Quincannon was a little too submissive and used for comedy in this episode, made him seem less menacing than previous episodes.
  • I just don’t get how revealing that there is a Heaven, that God does exist, but he’s just currently not watching over his flock, would suddenly make all of the people in Annville believe that the world is worthless and that we can abandon all moral code.
  • Sherrif Root suddenly no longer cares that Jesse Custer did something to his son. Huh?
  • So for most of this show, we have seen most of the people in Annville act however they wanted, indulging in sin, not showing any reverence towards a higher power. But upon news that God has left heaven, everyone just gives up on life or morality?

Things I liked and disliked at the same time

  • Okay, the writers gave Tulip a solid reason to be angry all the time. However, the fact that she describes her anger so clearly, really makes me not buy it fully. The fact that she says “Eye for an eye. You know what that means. That means we get to kill him.” is just such a ridiculous statement to make. But I must admit that they gave her a reason to act this way.
  • The creepy music only to reveal the beat up Carlos limping his way somewhere, I get it, and it was a nice payoff. But it felt unnecessary.
  • God was a little too Wizard of Oz/Monty Python-esque to be believed. At some base level, maybe it is supposed to be obviously fake ((or at least fake to those of us who have read the comic.
  • Okay, I can’t like the child made of Finest Grade B Ground Chuck, but it was pretty funny,.and a nice tie in to the comic.

Did you notice?

An homage:


Cassidy looking at Tulip when he says “shady characters dressed in bikinis.”

And the thunder of his guns shakes the world.


Donnie: I’ve been washed clean. I had Preacher dead-to-rights in that church. Could have killed him and been a hero for it too. But I stopped myself. I remembered he’d been merciful with me before… You remember when we was in the men’s room together that night?… He could have killed me that night, but he didn’t do it. Preacher was merciful. Yeah, so I was merciful, too.

Emily: Nothing has changed. We are still gonna comb our hair and brush our teeth and do our best at school. Daddy’s still in heaven, like he’s always been. The good part of heaven, not that scary part. I know you’re scared. But we just need to stay strong, be true to ourselves, okay? We don’t need God. And I’m gonna let you guys in on a little secret, okay? We never did.

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